Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bumming with the Bums in Bums Bay

After 4 days in the Rivergate Marina the weather looked good to start heading to the Gold Coast.  We left on the outgoing tide of the Brisbane River with Zenitude following.  It seems that after a had blow, the winds don't have anything left so we motored 30 miles down the lower Moreton Bay. The southern part is not really a bay but more like a river delta except made of mangroves.  We anchored for the night and continued the rest of the way the following day.

Bum's Bay and the Queensland Gold Coast
Zenitude headed up the Coomera River to the Gold Coast City Marina and we kept heading south.  We are anchored in a man-made hole called Bum's Bay. It was Sunday and the Gold Coast 600 motorcar race was going on so the bay was packed full of Aussie party boats.  There is supposedly a 7 day limit to stay here but there are squatters that look like they have been here for years.  Some of these things aren't even boats.  There is even a tent pitched on a platform on 55 gallon drums.
A Packed Full Bum's Bay

We're going to get the bikes out and explore town tomorrow and head up to the Marina/Haul Out at the end of the week.  They have a boat show/vendor expo this weekend and it will be nice to see what deals they have.  We'll need 4-5 days to prep Tortuguita and then be heading home.  Hope to see you then.
Cheers, Dave and Booker