Sunday, September 11, 2022

Feedburner Replacement


No, Feedburner is not a part of the boat.

Easy to Subscribe
I use Google Blogger for this blog.  Mostly because I feel Google gives me better search coverage and it's more user friendly for the reader than Wordpress.

For email subscriptions, I used Feedburner, also by Google.  When someone subscribes to the blog, Feedburner sends an email of the post automatically, not me.  Feedburner was built-in to Blogger so it was easy for me as a beginner.

2 years ago Google decided to stop supporting Feedburner and not allow new email subscriptions but would continue to send emails to people already subscribed.

Easy to unsubscribe
Well, I am finally getting around to finding a new feed service and have decided on "".

"" is free, simple to add the code to the blog, and allows me to import subscribers from Feedburner.  Does it work?  The last post was my test and it seemed to go well.

So, if you are now getting 2 different emailings of the blog, not to worry.  I will be clearing out Feedburner and going full on with

If you find yourself visiting the blog often, make your life easier and subscribe.  You can unsubscribe anytime. 😀