Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gold Coast City Marina

Since the plan is to return to the US for the winter, our marina of choice was the Gold Coast City Marina.  This Marina is actually a City.  It covers probably 40 acres and is a real working boatyard.  There are buildings as big as airplane hangers where boats are being built, repaired, refurbished, painted, and welded.


Oscar drove us down from Brisbane (40 min) and we negotiated a good price for both Zenitude and Tortuguita to stay on the hard until April.

We arrived and had a nice slip in the marina to stay in to prepare the boat for haul out.  The facilities are nice, clean, and we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves.  The following weekend they were having a "Boat Expo".  Kind of like a Boat Show but fewer boats and more variety.  Living right in the middle of this event gave us plenty of time so see all the vendors and specials.

We hauled on November 6th, finished packing things up and left on Quantas out of Brisbane for the US on November 10th.  We didn't realize there was a holiday that weekend but we ended up spending 2 days in Phoenix waiting for the Veterans Day travel to subside.  What a long trip, but nice to be home.