Thursday, March 1, 2018

Status of the Gelcoat Spraying

Malaysian Gelcoat Chip compared to Singapore Gelcoat
We are now sourcing our gelcoat from RP Malaysia in Johor Bahru.  They custom mix whatever gelcoat specifications you want.  I gave them some Duratec and told them to mix it 1:1 with the gelcoat to give a 25 second #4 Zahn Cup viscosity.  It was spot on. Their ISO-NPG is high quality, they arrange shipping, and we don’t have to deal with import duty paperwork.  They were also able to provide Styrene, MEK, and MEKP.  All, at a very reasonable price.  We made the arrangements during our Road Trip to Singapore.

The Sunshade also blocks the wind
Chinese New year cost us a few weeks delay while waiting for delivery of the resin.  Malaysian businesses are all shut down for the holiday.  We did some sanding during that time and found out that the gelcoat we previously applied is continuing to cure and is getting extremely hard.  It seems to be best to do the initial sanding within a few days with 100 grit discs.

Starting the next 4m section
Just finished spraying the Inboard Side
Spray days are a real challenge.  We try to arrive at sunrise.  It is not possible to tape out the day prior because it may rain at night or the morning dew will make the tape peel off.  It has to be done in the morning.  

Setup and test panel spraying takes about an hour plus.  The wind builds up and is usually too strong to spray after around 11AM.  This gives us 2-3 hours max to git'er done.  The sunshades block the wind somewhat and that extends the time a little.

We started spraying sections from work scaffolds.  The nice thing with gelcoat is that blending and repairs are a piece of cake.  You don’t even have to be a very good paint sprayer since any runs will get sanded out anyway. 

We started with the Toe Rail to Rub Rail, Bow to Stern, on the Outer side of the hull.  I apply 5 thick coats to 4 meter sections and then overlap the next 4 meter section.  Guide Coat is sprayed the next morning and sanded that afternoon.  We then did the Rub Rail to waterline, Bow to Stern.  Guide Coat, then Sand.

Repeat for the other hull, Top to Bottom, Bow to Stern.  Guide Coat, then Sand.

Next came the Forward part of the Inboard Side of the Hulls.  Port, then Starboard, Guide, then Sand.  In all, this took us 8 weeks.  We had pretty much used up 40 liters of gelcoat and were ready for a break.  About 80 percent of the boat has been done and it looks pretty good.  Not sanded and buffed shiny yet but consistent bright white without dings nor cracks.
The Nacelle is also sprayed when doing the Inboard Side

All that remains is the Cockpit, Salon Roof, Swim Platforms, and some tie-in areas.

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