Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Photo Albums on Blogger

I started doing this blog in 2012 while in Mexico.

I really didn't like what I had seen in other sailing blogs because they were too much based on drama.  It seemed like every day, there was a different drama unfolding like dragging at anchor, breaking something, bad weather, etc.

I do not like to get sucked into drama and instead wondered why not discuss anchoring techniques, fixing things, or discussing how not to get in bad weather.

Dave Kane on LIGHTSPEED had a blog that I really liked and was like a mentor on writing a good blog.

Sailors like to keep logs of their journeys, myself included.  I used to upload photos to Google Picasa.  This was a photo album site back in those days that people could link to, or look at, to see what it was like to be out cruising.  No drama, no writing, just photos.

These albums date back to 2008 when we were in St. Maarten and cover our trip down the eastern Caribbean, southern Caribbean, the entire trip up to the Bahamas, to New Jersey, back down the US coast to Key West, the western Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, and Central America.

These albums used to be linked on this blog by a thing that Google calls a widget.  Well, Google has removed Picasa and it's now called Google Photos.  However, now the widget link doesn't work and there is no widget for Google Photos.  Go figure?

So,    thanks to some smart HTML coding people, there is a hack that you can use to put Google Photo Albums on Google Blogger.

I will explain this hack in the next post but for now, these albums have been resurrected under the heading tab named "Photo Albums".

Give them a look-see to get a feel for our 'missing' early cruising years of 2008-2012.