Saturday, November 10, 2012

We have Ice

Ever since we bought the boat we have had a refrigerator that has worked flawlessly.  It was installed by the previous owner to replace an engine driven cold plate.  The other hull has a large top loading engine driven cold plate box that has never worked and has forever been on the project list.  This box was not insulated very well and there was no way to have it be an efficient freezer.  The plan for this thing had changed multiple times over the years. Initially I was going to put in a new compressor and insulate it with vacuum panels but they are not being made anymore and would cost about $5000 for everything.

We've had a little 12/110 volt electric cooler that has been used to cool beer at the shore since you can crank it down real cold.  It has also worked flawlessly.  The same company makes a drop in version of this electric cooler.  So, for the past week I have been preparing, insulating, and installing this thing.  I added alot of blue foam insulation around it to increase the efficiency.  2 days ago we fired it up, it took 30 minutes to go from 80 degrees to freezing.  We put the ice trays in and voilà, we have ice.  Had an ice cube inauguration party last night over at our neighbors, Patrick and Kirsti.  Rum and Cokes with our own ice cubes.

Those vertical ice cube trays are the only way to go on a boat.  Flat trays and a rocking boat don't go well together.

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