Thursday, August 15, 2013

Buggered up my hand

The weather has been holding up well and we made the 510 miles from Suwarrow to Apia, Samoa in 4 days.

We flew the spinnaker just after departing Suwarrow. When I went to tighten the halyard, I was holding on to it with my left hand and when I took the coil of line off the drum, it released from the hook of the self tailer and took my hand up and jammed it into where the line goes in to the mast. Booker was able to winch the line back down and release me. The skin is torn pretty well but will grow back. Just not alot of use of my left hand right now.
THEN, 10 minutes later, this same halyard broke up at the turning block. Everything went in the water on leeward side. I locked the props and the sail went entirely under the boat, undamaged, and became a sea anchor. We were able to pull it back onboard, albeit with some anti fouling on it. Good thing we will be going to the Marina in Apia. Sail washing and going up the mast will be on the list.

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