Monday, July 14, 2014

Propspeed vs. Velox

Marty applying Velox Primer
Dave applying Propspeed

Marty, from Bradford Marine (the go to guys for any type of bottom job), has been a big help with advice on all kinds of things from paint, to peeling, to fiberglass.  He came from England to learn boating in South Florida.  He did lots of grunt labor in yards but learned well.  He made it out to the Caribbean where he worked his way up the ranks on Superyachts.  Married a Kiwi, went to New Zealand for a while, came to Oz as Captain of a Superyacht, had children, and started up Bradford so he could be home every night.

Starboard prop with Velox

Port prop with Propspeed
We have always used Propspeed as antifouling preventative on the propellers.  There was a new propeller product introduced at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show last month called Velox.  It's not a silicone slippery paint like Propspeed but a zinc based paint. Propspeed has worked work well and is applied to 90% of the running gear by Bradford but what about a new product?  How well does it work and can they recommend it to their customers, who knows?  Anyway, Tortuguita is now the Bradford experimental test bed for Velox.

Marty set us up with a free Velox job on the starboard side and the port strut.  Propspeed was applied to the rotating parts on the port side.  While he was at it, he put Jotun SeaVictor antifouling paint on the Starboard Rudder to compare with the rest of the paint which is Jotun SeaGuardian.

So, we'll take some pictures throughout the season and when we return in November, we'll see what is what.  Fun.

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