Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mooloolaba By Crakey - Steve Irwin

After leaving the Gold Coast City Marina we made it to the Manly Boat Harbor.  The temps are still cold at night so it is nice to have some place to plug in our $14 heater.  We stayed 1 night and then motor sailed to Mooloolaba in light winds.  Mooloolaba is one of the towns on the Sunshine Coast, an area of beach towns on the coast north of Brisbane.   

New $50 Helmet to avoid $100 fine

We stayed a week which involved 1 full day of bike riding during which we had to buy helmets after being warned by the police that that was the law and carried a $100 fine. 

Dave did 4 days of electrical work which was deferred from the boatyard days as to not delay our departure, and then, the highlight of Mooloolaba, The Australia Zoo.
Our transport to the Zoo

This place is a half hour Greyhound bus ride from town and is what Steve Irwin's Crocodile Park developed in to.  We saw lots of croc stuff, plenty of Koalas, Kangaroos, Wombats.  There is even an animal hospital.

There was a croc show which was big fun.  Probably not as good as having Steve Irwin doing it.

Another one of those sleepy Koalas
The roos were so well fed that they were bored with my food.
Koalas sleep 20 hours a day.  I hope Booker didn't wake this one up.

Booker trying to feed a piece of grass to a kangaroo.  It had no interest in eating it.

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