Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cid Harbor, Whitsunday Island

There were a few days of rough weather coming in so we went up a nice creek for some calm.  They call them Inlets but the US definition of an inlet is different.  It's really not a creek either because there is no water flowing out.  Just tidal flow.

View from Whitsunday Peak
Gulnare Inlet was very peaceful and we had no idea how hard the wind was whooping outside.  This anchorage is rarely used because the entrance depth is 1 foot at low tide.  We need 4 feet or we'll hit bottom.  But with a 10' tide and good timing you can go in and you're in an inland lake at low tide with no way out.  At least until the next high tide.

We left after 2 days for Cid Harbor.  It's really not a harbor but a big protected anchorage.  The US fleet hid in there during WWII.

We made the 5K hike to Whitsunday Peak and it was worth the aches we had the next day.
Gulnare Inlet where we 'were' anchored for 3 days

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