Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Johor Bahru, Nusajaya, Malaysia

All prepped for us to go to the US for a month

The heat in this part of the world is oppressive so we went shopping for an air conditioner like the one we bought at Home Depot in Mexico.  Ours no longer worked because the electricity in this part of the world is 240 volts and 50 cycles.  We didn't have any luck but found out that window type air conditioners are essentially not being made any more.  Our other option was a portable unit but would it would take 7-10 days to arrive to the store.  We would be gone and didn't want to deal with the delivery, etc so I found a better one online and ordered it to arrive when we returned from the US.

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We prepped the boat for extended unattended operations.  We took a few busses to the Singapore Airport and flew to Philly through London Heathrow.  I was able to go to my 40th year High School reunion.  We winterized the houses, pressure washed, stained decks, and enjoyed the nice fall weather and smokeless skies.   We flew back almost a month later through Los Angeles and Hong Kong, to Singapore.  We had just flown around the world.

Hong Kong skyline looking south

When we arrived, the rest of the Sail Indonesia Rally boats had filled up the Puteri Marina.  It was nice to get reunited with all our friends.  We have joined the Sail Malaysia Rally to Langkawi.  This rally is much shorter.  500 miles in 6 weeks vs. 2500 miles in 3 months.  It is a marina to marina rally and proves to be very social. 

By being in the Malaysia Rally, we get a 50% discount on berthing and boatyard storage at Pangkor Marina.   They use a trailer system to haul the boats which we have never used but they seem to think all will be fine.  Since we are finally out of the Southern Hemisphere and in an area where there is no cyclonic activity, our cruising season is not determined by seasonal weather.  For 3 years, we haven't been able to spend summers in New Jersey.  This year it looks like we can work that back into our lives.  Laying up Tortuguita at Pangkor Marina will also make it easier to base out of Malaysia and be able to travel by land around Southeast Asia.

The air conditioner was waiting for us at the office and will be well needed and used in these marinas.
The sponsoring marina stops are:

Hong Kong Streets

1.  Puteri Harbor, Johor Baru
2.  Admiral Marina, Port Dickson
3.  Pangkor Marina, Pangkor Island
4.  Straits Quay Marina, Penang
5.  Rebak Marina, Langkawi

We are planning to haul out at Pangkor but will go to Penang and then return back to Pangkor.  Langkawi will have to wait until next year on our way to Thailand.

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