Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Out of the House

Mike and Pom

We have been house sharing a nice 5 bedroom house with Mike from FYNE SPIRIT since last January.  Mike has finished his refit and is getting ready to cruise Thailand with his Thai girlfriend, Pom.

Pangkor Island Marina and Lumut.
Booker and I don't need an entire house for ourselves.  We spend our days at the boatyard and just need an air conditioned place to sleep.  So we have rented an apartment in Lumut.  There are at least 5 other cruisers also renting at the Lumut Valley Resort Condominiums. 

Lumut is a ferry port for Pangkor Island and located just outside the Lumut Navy Base.  There are only a handful of restaurants but lots of shops that sell tourist junk.

Royal Malaysian Naval Base, Lumut
View toward town. monkeys in trees below
For $225/month, we have a one bedroom apartment on the 11th floor with a view of the river to the north.  

From our deck, we can see the Navy base piers to our left and town is to our right.   

 Yesterday we watched monkeys jumping between the trees 30 feet below us.

The house was nice, but this is great.

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