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Peace Park and the Atomic Dome

Hiroshima from the top of the Castle
Hiroshima after the atomic bomb

You would never know that an atomic bomb was dropped on this town except for the monuments and parks in the 1 mile radius that was destroyed by the bomb on August 6th, 1945.  Hiroshima is really a beautiful clean city with plenty of tourism, restaurants, and public transportation.


The area around the explosion was totally destroyed except 2 main structures, the Industrial Promotion Hall  (Atomic Bomb Dome) and the Fuel Rationing Union (Rest House).





Atomic Bomb Dome looking from Peace Park

Peace Park is across the river from the Dome and has numerous memorials and gardens in the park.







These are the memorials at Peace Park:

Pond of Peace – encircling the Cenotaph
    Peace Clock Tower
    A-bombed Gravestone – gravestone of Jisenji temple – the temple used to be there
    Peace Fountain
    Monument to the Old Aioi Bridge
    Phoenix Trees Exposed to the A-bomb – also known as Chinese Parasols, these trees have deep scars from the blast. They were moved here from the courtyard of the former Hiroshima Post & Telecommunications Office in 1973.[26]
    Linden Tree Monument
    Hair Monument
    Hiroshima City Zero Milestone
    Peace Cairn
    Stone Lantern of Peace
    Friendship Monument
    Peace Memorial Post
    Peace Tower
    Fountain of Prayer – a small fountain pond
    Monument of Prayer
    Prayer Monument for Peace
    Prayer Haiku Monument for Peace
    Hiroshima Monument for the A-bomb Victims
    Statue of Mother and Child in the Storm
    Peace Watch Tower – indicating the number of days since the A-bomb
    Statue of Peace "New Leaves" – from the words of Dr.Hideki Yukawa – designed, carved by Katsuzo Entsuba
    Statue of Merciful Mother
    Statue of a Prayer for Peace
    The Figure of the Merciful Goddess of Peace (Kannon)
    Mobilized Students' Merciful Kannon Monument
    Hiroshima Second Middle School A-bomb Memorial Monument
    Memorial Monument of the Hiroshima Municipal Commercial and Shipbuilding Industry Schools
    Monument to the A-bombed Teachers and Students of National Elementary Schools
    A-bomb Monument of the Hiroshima Municipal Girl's High School
    Monument Dedicated to Sankichi Tōge
    Monument to Tamiki Hara
    Literary Monument Dedicated to Miekichi Suzuki
    Monument in Memory of Dr.Marcel Junod
    Clock Commemorating the Repatriation of Those Who Chose to Return to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
    Monument of the Former North Tenjin-cho Area
    Monument of the Former South Tenjin-cho Area
    Monument of the Former Zaimoku-cho
    Memorial Tower for A-bomb-related Victims
    Memorial Tower to Console A-bomb Victims
    Monument in Memory of the Korean Victims of the A-bomb
    Monument of the Volunteer Army Corps
    Monument of "Zensonpo"(All Japan Nonlife Insurance Labor Union)
    Monument to Those Who Died From the Chūgoku-Shikoku Public Works Office
    Monument of the Hiroshima District Lumber Control Corporation
    Monument Dedicated to Construction Workers and Artisans
    Monument to the Employees of the Hiroshima Post Office
    Monument of the Hiroshima Gas Corporation
    Monument to the Employees of the Coal Control-related Company
    Monument for the A-bomb Victims from the Hiroshima Agricultural Association
    Monument to Mr. Norman Cousins
    Monument of US POWS {at former Chugoku MP HQ}
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