Tuesday, February 18, 2020

CNY 2020

Joss Incense Sticks

100 meter Prosperity Salad

A quarter of the Malaysian population is of Chinese descent.   

Needless to say, Chinese New Year is always a big deal.   

We have seen some nice celebrations while we have been here and this year was no different.   

The entire Spring Celebration takes over 2 weeks.

The area where we are (Sitiawan) is kind of rural and small town so public CNY events are not super huge but they do a good job.

This year there were Giant Joss Sticks that were lit at midnight New Years Eve. 

They finally burned out a day later.  
The higher the toss, the better

There was fire dancing at night on the floating pavilion at the Marina Island Hotel.

Tossing of the Prosperity Salad (Yusheng), Lion Dances, and fireworks were also done by the ferry terminal to Pangkor Island.   

Tossing the Prosperity Salad supposedly brings luck and wealth to the tossers and the higher you toss, the more luck and wealth.


Fire Dancing on the floating pavillion

Drummers at Marina Island

Dancing Lions,

Remnants of the Prosperity Tossed Salad
Smoldering Joss Sticks.  Almost finished

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