Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Post Covid Malaysia

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For the past 2 months, we have been living under Malaysia's very serious Movement Control Order (MCO).

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Malaysia was initially hit hard with Covid-19 but restricted the population under the MCO.  Malaysians had done the right thing, bit the bullet, took a short term hit to their economy, and really gotten the virus under control.

As we were leaving, the restrictions were almost negligible and the Covid-19 was almost eradicated from the country. 

Almost all the economic pain is gone and life had almost returned to normal.

As of today, Malaysia has a total death toll of 114.  That's 3.5 deaths per million. For comparison, the US is at 278 deaths per million.  275 times higher.  

There are 11 people being treated in the ICU and 7 on ventilators in the whole country of 33 million people.

Malaysia is so far ahead in testing and tracing that they have a chart similar to a family tree for every infection.  They can trace every case back to an index exposure or cluster.

Our state, Perak, had no cases for almost 2 weeks and it wasn't until inter-state travel was allowed that 2 new cases appeared from 2 siblings who came from the south. 

That moved us from being a green zone to now being a yellow zone until the siblings recover.  Different color zones have different restrictions.

We have been so fortunate to be there during these times to see how a prepared country operates in a pandemic.

Here is a really good short video showing Malaysia's recovery.

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