Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 17 - 126-35'W Crossed the Equator

We crossed the Equator at 7:35AM local time and had our Shellback Ceremony.
We gave gifts and praise to King Neptune so he would leave us alone.
Booker took the whole 'shellback' word literally and actually gave him a shell back. She dropped a nice conch shell that we have been carrying since the Bahamas to the depths of the ocean. I toasted Neptune and gave him some wine. As certified below, we are now officially Shellbacks.

Know ye, that DAVID & BOOKER DEAKYNE on the 3rd day of April, 2013 at 1430Z aboard the Sailing Vessel TORTUGUITA appeared at the equator at Latitude 0° , Longitude 126°35'W entering into Our Royal Domain, and having been inspected and found worthy by My Royal Staff and was initiated into the Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep. I command my subjects to Honor and Respect him as one of our Trusty Shellbacks.
Davey Jones - His Royal Scribe
Neptunus Rex - Ruler of the Raging Main

Shortly after our ceremony, the wind started to pick up, we put up the spinnaker and shut down the engine. We are under sail once again heading directly for the Marquesas.

Thanks Neptune.

Cheers, Dave and Booker

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