Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 23 - 7S 135W - Done Raining - South of the SPCZ - 350 miles to go

After 4 days of rain in many forms, we were ready for today. The rain finally stopped. It actually should have happened 2 days ago but weather is weather, especially here and you just have to deal with it.

So what do you do on a rainy day when you are stuck in your 45X25' house? We watched movies, listened to music, and tried to stay dry. We have 32 days of music on the ipod and have been through most of it.
In years past, we had hatches that leaked. In Bonaire, the boat was a moisture filled and wet after 4 days of continuous rain. Condensation was everywhere.

Different situation here. As long as we didn't bring too much water in, the cabin was fairly dry. So we left the jackets and wet clothes outside. There was alot of naked toweling off going on when we came inside, but it worked well. The autopilot worked well and handled the wind gusts that came with the showers.

So, today the skies were blue and the wind has returned. The seas are still lumpy so the boat is rocking and lurching around alot. We had full sail up for awhile but the main was flogging so we had to give up the speed for comfort and less chance of damage.

The most important rule when you are out here is: Be careful and don't break the boat. There are no facilities nor parts until Tahiti. We are only half way to New Zealand, so it is better to arrive later than sooner with a ripped sail.

Cheers, Dave & Booker

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