Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Anse Amyot on Toau Atoll, Tuamotos

Remoras cleaning the bottom
We had a nice 30 mile sail to Toau.  The winds were 15-20 with rain showers every half hour.
Anse Amyot is a blind pass with a deep anchorage with 14 mooring balls protected behind the coral inside the atoll.  A few families live there making a living harvesting coconuts and providing hospitality to the cruisers.  There was 1 other boat moored while we were there.  They were a french couple, Claude and Michelle.

Gaston taking us to the Mantas
Gaston and Valentine live right on the beach were the main organizers of our fun.  Gaston took us to a secret spot in the atoll lagoon where Manta Rays feed on plankton. We swam with them for about a half hour.

Manta Ray mouth.  I was close!!!!

Bottom side of the Manta


Sharks that came to investigate us

The 3 of us took the dinghy exploring.  There was a neat little coral rubble island that we poked around and we took the dinghy out to the pass and drifted out while holding on to it.  There were an incredible amount of fish and sharks.  We got back in the dinghy when the sharks decided they wanted to touch us like we were touching the Mantas that morning. We weren't really cared, it was just creepy having them come up from the depths to investigate us.

A little coconut water while exploring the island

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