Thursday, May 23, 2013


We could have stayed in Toau for months but we needed to keep moving since we need to fly back to New Jersey for a few weeks to get the houses ready for the summer rentals.
7 1/2 kts in 12 1/2 kts of wind
The Tuamotos have been in a type of Convergence Zone ever since we arrived there with light wind and alot of rain.
Our friend, Peter, who has been helping with weather forecasting sent us an email warning about 5 meter swells that were going to hit the west side of Tahiti in a few days.  So, we decided to head out early and go to Moorea before Tahiti.  There was not supposed to be any wind but we had a good sail the 1st day and it looked like we would arrive before sunset the next day if everything kept up.  Well, it never does.  The wind died and we motored for 18 hours and arrived the morning after.  Just 2 nights at sea.

Moorea is a beautiful little island.  We anchored in Cook's Bay the first day, moved out to the reef for some wind to charge batteries, and then were chased back in to the Bay by high winds.  While anchored out on the reef, we did some good snorkeling and dinghy exploring but the waters didn't compare to the Tuamotos.

The 'Band'
We took the bus to Le Petite Village to see how the bus system worked.

"BANANA TOTAL" Pizza, Sinful

We weren't quite hula dancers

We went to a Polynesian dance at the Bali Hai Hotel and then went out for Pizza. 

For dessert we got the BANANA TOTAL.  A pizza with bananas, brown sugar, chocolate, and ice cream.

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