Thursday, June 20, 2013

Back in Tahiti - Everything went like clockwork

We spent a month back in New Jersey getting things ready for the summer rentals. It was a big push and very busy. We got everything done and hopefully won't have any issues this summer.

The flights went fine. We took the midnight red-eye out of LA and got here at 7AM, rented a car, went to Customs to get our duty free fuel permit. Thanks to the excellent map on the incredible blog from our friends, Kathy and Dave, on Lightspeed, We never even make a wrong turn. We went to a few chandleries (acastillages in French) for some French specific boat parts and had decent success.

We were at the marina by 9:30 and got a ride out to the boat. It's a little dirty but not as bad as we have had in other places after a month of neglect.

We dinghy'ed back in for our luggage. Booker took food inventory and we went to the Super Marche for provisions. You have to make good use of a vehicle while you have it. It's a long haul walking or by cab.

Took a nap, got the rent-a-car back to the airport at 6PM and were asleep by 8. Slept 10 hours. Our circadian rhythm is back on local time within 1 day. Perfect. What a trip!

Street Food in Papeete

We are moored on the right. Check out the helicopter on the deck of the gray boat

A forest of masts at Marina Taina

Surf's Up

Kids learning to boogie board in the river

Tahitian Rent a Party Boat

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