Thursday, June 27, 2013

Back to Moorea

Dolphin sculpture at the park

Big swells were forecast for Tahiti and since the Marina Taina moorings are exposed to the west, we decided to come back over to the North side of Moorea.  When we were here before, we were in Cooks Bay.  Since our cruising rule is to always go somewhere new, we went came to Opunohu Bay and are anchored out on the reef just west of the Hilton.
I has been nice and calm except for the occasional idiot in a tour boat flying through the anchorage. 

I went up the mast to find out why the masthead navigation light was flickering and discovered that it was gone.  Don't know how but we can use the deck level nav lights until I get a new one.  Defender is having a sale so I'll order one up and bring it back later.

We had a breezy day yesterday and swam to the beach for a little exercise.  The winds and seas are forecast to build until Sunday so we are going to sail the 80 miles to the island of Huahine tonight.

Mast view of Opunohu Anchorage

Opti races right out  of our front door
We took the dinghy on a little ride (2 hours) to Sting Ray City.  It should have been called Shark City.
We were greeted by them even before I could snorkel up and check the dinghy anchor. These didn't bother us.

Shark swimming over the dinghy anchor line

Stingrays sleeping

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