Friday, July 19, 2013

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is composed of a central island with fringing islands (motu's) on the surrounding reef.
The view out our back door
Our first anchorage was behind the Hilton Motu.  It was beautiful .  Blue sand/water/and sky all blending together.  It has turned out to be a favorite spot for other boats that don't mind the tour boats, jetskis, and Hilton ferry that fly through the anchorage coming within 5 feet of the anchored boats. I couldn't stand them so we headed to the Mai Kai Marina & Yacht Club.  They have a nice Happy Hour and the $30 mooring fee is free if you eat dinner there.  So we did.
Once again, the dive boats, ferrys, and work boats came flying through there on there way to the fuel dock or public pier.  So we left and went around to the southeast side behind Motu Piti Aau.  There was no boat traffic and we were in 5 feet of crystal clear water.  Even when the wind picked up to 35kts, there wasn't much in the way of waves since we were so close to shore.  We stayed 3 days and headed back to civilization.
Bora Bora Yacht Club
This time, we thought to try the Bora Bora Yacht Club.  It looked a little more out of the wind and boat traffic routes.  Well, we have been here for a week.  The hot showers are what cruisers dream of.

Intercontinental Hotel

Bora Bora is an island of such contrast.  There are all-inclusive resorts out on the motus where the rich and famous stay in private, perfectly landscaped villages.  On the main island, the local polynesians live in poverty.  Mexico looks upscale compared to here.  The people are nice but not as welcoming as in Huahine.  It seems like the vacationers and locals never mix.  Rarely do you see a white person on Bora that is not a cruiser, and there are only a few of us.
Bastille Day Float
Bastille Day Celebration
The Yacht Club gives us good access to the main road that runs around the island.  We went to the Haieve (Dance Contest) at the stadium one night.  The entire island population must have been there.  We rode our bikes to town for the Bastille Day celebration and Fete.

We found a neat place, Bloody Mary's, that has a good Tofu Burger for lunch.

Bloody Mary's

Inside Bloody Mary's

Check out this rich and famous list.
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We rode our bikes 20 miles around the island and hiked the hills looking for the WWII gun batteries.  Never did find them, but it seems that they were replaced with microwave towers. 

Homemade Propane Transfer Station
I made a propane hose to fill the US style propane tanks from the French style tank valves.  We had a propane party at the Mai Kai Happy Hour.  We transferred 60 pound of 'gaz'

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