Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stuck in Bora Bora

Our goal was to leave a week ago.  There was a small window of opportunity that we could have had to go to Suwarrow.  We would have been be pushed to get in to the anchorage before the seas started to kick up so we decided to stay another week here.  The forecast models have changed alot but here is what we were intending to avoid.
The "C" at the bottom, stands for Cyclone.  It's not really a cyclone but it has cyclonic activity.  The Gale to the east of the "C" is a little more worrisome. 

Anyway, the seas are forecast to be 12-15ft with 25-30kt winds.  It has been pretty blustery here on the mooring at the Yacht Club.  So, what to do?  We rode our bikes around the island.  Of course we had to pick the only day with continuous rain.
 We had lunch again at Bloody Mary's and tried to find the WWII canons at Matira Point.   We found the microwave tower but no luck with canons after hiking like mountain goats in our flip-flops in the rain on slippery mud.

We saw the 'A' earlier in the week.  It had moved around to the north end and we got a nice view of it.  It's a $300 million boat owned by a Russian Billionaire. 

We have nice fairly fast wifi from the Yacht Club so I got a few days of modifications done.  I upgraded Ubuntu Linux, loaded openwrt on my Nanostation, and rooted the Toshiba Tablet.  All things that needed plenty of googling which wouldn't have been possible with the pay-per-minute WDG wifi.

We made another attempt to find the canons.  No luck but we ended up walking alot.  We finally got hooked up with the correct directions.  Nobody seemed to know where these things were.

Anyway, it was a dry 30 minute hike and they were quite impressive.  Such a contrast between the lush green plants, the blue water, and the hard steel canons. 

We are planning on leaving Wednesday morning (tomorrow).  I'm sure we will get our butts kicked but it seems like we could wait until September and have the same outcome.

Next stop, Suwarrow (Suvarov), Cook Islands.

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