Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fiji, Mexico of the South Pacific

We are on a mooring at the Copra Shed Marina and Yacht Club in Savusavu.  Our friends on ELFRUN helped with the inbound reservations and had us over for dinner our first night so that Booker didn’t have to cook.  Clearing in was efficient and Customs, Immigration, Health, and Biosecurity all came to the boat.  The front that we sailed through has now moved over Northern Fiji so we are getting drenched.

Copra Shed Marina Yacht Club

Inside the Copra Shed
Savusavu is nothing like we expected.  It’s not a commercial port, it’s not a tourist village.  It kind of reminds me of a small Central American coast town.  Town is a main road about 8 blocks long.  The population is Fijian and Indian.  We walked town in the rain and explored the shops.  Very well stocked stores.

We hit the ATM, bought a $2 Vodaphone SIM chip and a 2G data package for $12 to get us connected to the internet, and had a great Indian curry lunch for $2.50 each.

The Waitui Marina has a Fijian Buffet on Wednesday and an Indian Buffet on Sunday for dinner.  We went there for an incredible meal for $5 each.  A liter of beer is $2.50.  The prices here are as good as Mexico and the food also has such good flavors and spices.  It is so nice to be back to a 3rd world country that doesn’t have 1st world prices.

I hired 2 guys, Sam and Richard, to polish stainless.  They are slow but at $5 per hour I didn’t expect too much.

Savusavu Market

Buying Yangon (Kava) for Sevusevu

Booker's favorite Market Lady

Mum's Country Kitchen Indian Restaurant

Dinner Party on Tortuguita

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