Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Savaii, Samoa

We needed to waste a few days for the weather window to Fiji so we cleared out of Samoa and obtained special permission to go to Savaii.  This is a large island and more traditional than Upolu, where Apia is.
We couldn't make it all the way to Asau Bay so we pulled in to  Matautu Bay and stayed for 3 days.  There was a family that has a lagoon where they have put about 10 sea turtles for people to swim with.  They feed them Papaya and they are very comfortable with people.  Usually these kind of things are pretty bogus and the animals are not well taken care of but this wasn't that bad actually.  This is the only income for the family so they better be taking good care of the turtles.
There was a hotel on the beach where we landed the dinghy but the coral was very shallow everywhere so we could only venture in during good daylight hours.

Restaurant Bar at the beach

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