Friday, July 24, 2015


On our 'Where Are We" page we update 4 different tracking sites.  Yotreps, Winlink,, and farkwar. 

Tucker Bradford, an American cruiser saw a need for a more user friendly website tracking options available, so he designed his own site to better meet the his needs and hopefully others in the cruising community. 

farkwar is the only website that will send emails showing a boat position.
Everytime we update our position, farkwar send an email.  This way you can do things you want to do like watch TV and not have to continually keep checking this website to see where the boat is, or if it has moved.  farkwar will also update social media sites like Twitter and Facebook but we don't use these. 

This is what the email that you receive looks like:

To receive these emails you do not have to have a boat, just:

1)  Sign Up:
2)  Verify your email address (farkwar will send you an email)
3)  Login to farkwar
4)  Search for the Boat Name you want to find
5)  Slide the "Follow" button for that boat.

If you actually have a boat, you can enter your boat information and start tracking your position also.  To update our position in farkwar, we just send an email.  Too easy, and this can be done from Tortuguita by Sailmail or HAM on the SSB radio, anywhere in the world, without the need for internet access.

When Tucker made this website a year ago, it was very rough and basic but worked.  He made it just for his own use and to see if there was any interest from others in the cruising community.  A couple of months ago, he must have had some free time because he fixed the rough spots and now has a world class tracking tool.  We signed up early on to see how it worked and have been using it to not only report our own position but now we are following 7 other boats.
1)  Convivia
2)  Ceilydh
3)  Totem
4)  Obelisk
5)  Virgos Child
6)  Peregrine 
7)  Zenitude

In the past year, farkwar has grown to cover hundreds of boats.  Not too bad for a spare time project. Good job Tucker!

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