Sunday, August 9, 2015

Australia, a place we could definitely live.

We've been in Indonesia for 2 weeks and I really need to finish up Australia before changing countries.  I spent 2 hours writing up our impressions of the things we have seen in Oz over the past two years.  The problem is that, like politics, not everybody (our Aussie friends mostly) may not see these things the same way as we did and may not agree. 

I had covered but actually am not going to post (you'll have to ask us over a beer for more details):

1)  The efficiency of the Australian dining system, tips, taxes, and wages,

2)  National Healthcare, which everybody seems to love AND hate, so no way to win this one,

3)  The Australian Park System and Outdoor Recreation provided by the different governmental entities,   

4)  The Australian road system and infrastructure, and
5)  The Australian workers and wages.

The one thing that I did write about that did contain our impressions and opinions and shouldn't get people upset was about The Australian People.
One of the best things we found in Australia, besides koalas and kangaroos, was the people.  From day one, we found people to be overly helpful.  Almost as if we were in some parallel universe where people are rewarded by helping others.  When asking for directions, we would occasionally hear "Follow me, I'll show you the way, mate".  Actually it sounded more like "Falla my, il shaw ya tha waay, mayt".  We love the Aussie accents and nuance.  They love ours also and we sometimes think that is why they want to talk to us so much.  But that's not the case,  Aussies are just such friendly people.  We met so many good people that took us under their wings, showed us around, helped us in so many ways, and became good friends.

The one most important thing that I have to say to the Aussies is that 'You have a really good thing going' 

We could definitely live in Australia.   Well, we did live there for two years but I mean move there permanently.  What a great place.  We will miss you all.

Oscar and Graciela on Zenitude

Petra and Booker at the Tyagrah Airport house

The Maryborough Happy Hour Club

Dr. Phil and Jane

At Sorrentos in Airlie Beach

Great Aussie Markets

The Ceildhy's

Sundowners at Brampton Island

John and Soraya

Sundowners at Sorrentos

Elaine, Cooper, and Terry

Sjanie and Colin

Zach, Thai, Ronan, and Suzie

Anne and Al

The Gold Coast Marina folks

Peter, a wealth of information

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