Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Stamp

We heard that Indonesians love to stamp documents.  When we cleared in, we had to fill out 5-6 forms for every agency.  Everywhere we had to sign, they asked for our stamp.  We didn't have one so we were told to just print our name and boat name.  We will have to fill out forms at every port we visit and the stamp thing seems like a good idea.  
Different documents from our clearing in.  All kinds of stamps.

 Our first mission for Kupang:  Find a Stamp!  We asked around and found a guy who makes stamps.  We had a huge communication problem as neither one of us spoke the other's language.  In the end, sign language worked and we had a deal for a $20 stamp by tomorrow.  After we left, I had the feeling that this was going to be a disaster.  My drawing of a turtle was horrible and not this little shop did not have anything except a guy with a chisel carving signs.  I thought we could have done better carving the boat name into a potato and using that as a stamp.

When we went back, what a surprise.  He made this beautiful stamp for us. Far exceeding my expectations.  Thanks Stamp Guy.

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