Sunday, March 24, 2019

Cockpit Prep

Cockpit Yoga to remove screws

Even though there are lots of bits and pieces attached to a hull, the majority are in the cockpit. 
If you remove these things, it gives you a chance to re-bed them correctly during while reinstalling them.  It also allows the new coatings to seal the area underneath and not cause a ridge from taping the fitting.

Just about everything in the cockpit was removed.  Winches, clutches, blocks, screws, hinges, everything.  

Winch pad after removal.  Dirty mess
The best thing about removing everything is that it allows you to sand and buff the areas easier.

The biggest pain was the steering wheel which I will cover in a future post.

After stripping the cockpit of everything, it had to be sanded to remove the years of dirt, spills, teak oil, and grease that had accumulated over the years.

Everything has been sanded - Notice cored hinge screw holes

Round sanding block

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