Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The Rest of the Work

The poor little car wasn't meant to haul this much
Unfortunately I didn't take many photos alot the work we did.  

We started out re-bedding the stainless bits that were removed for the spray job.  Wind generator masts, support bracing, life raft canister frames, life lines, bilge pump housings, vent covers, blocks, and clutches all had to be caulked and screwed securely. 

We installed the swim platform (previous post) and hull rubrails.  

The hulls had been sanded just after spraying the gelcoat with 120 grit.  We had to now finish the sanding bot outboard hulls with 400 then 800 grit before installing the rubrails.

We had a machine shop completely redo the swim platform ladders.

Weighing in at the scrap recycler

We got rid of the dead house batteries.  660 pounds of lead went to recycler in Sitiawan.  I got $200 US in exchange.  The original cost was $3800 and they never were any good from day one.  

We ordered 1000Ah of Lithium Batteries from China that will be installed when we get back.  They weigh half as much and have double the capacity.

Finally, Tortuguita was wrapped and secure while we take our trip home for the summer.

All wrapped up.  We're finally getting good at this.

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