Saturday, April 30, 2022

Post Covid Dining

Happy Hour onboard 'Ocean Magic'

As Malaysia re-opened, so did the population of the marina.  Folks had returned to their boats after Covid Cabin Fever and seemed much more social than before.

Unfortunately, like many restaurants worldwide, there were many places that had to shut down.  The same thing happened in Malaysia and some of out favorite places were out of business.

As it turned out, the giant Food Courts turned out to be our go-to places for large group dining. 

The Chinese (WDS) Food Court


The 'Looking Good" Food Court

Lunch at Nipah Beach, Pangkor Island

The Home Curry House moved into the building where Vasantha Bavan was located and kept their old hours of lunch and closed at 6PM.  That pretty much rules out Home Curry for dinner but they are considering staying open until 9PM which would be great.  So we really lost 2 good Indian Restaurants.  

Fortunately our good friends who own a Mom and Pop food cart in the WDS Food Court called Lodge's Indian Food Corner survived Covid.

Dave's Birthday at The German Restaurant
Being one of the remaining Indian places, their little cart ended up tripling their business.  They have lines of delivery guys from GrabFood (similar to Uber Eats in the US) waiting to whisk their deliveries away.

We took a rare day off and went over to Pangkor Island and ate at Nipah Beach.  It was a going away lunch for our Aussie friends Peter and Denise on REVERIE who were heading over to Indonesia and downwind.

The 2 main Western Food joints,  JOOKS 2 and CAPRI, were still in business mostly due to their cruiser and expat clientele. 

Brett's Birthday at Jooks 2
The best Thai food in the area is THAINESE which picked up a new, larger, and renovated corner venue due to the closure of the Malaysian joint that was there.  They will end up doing great.

Our new favorite Indian Food
A great lunch buffet place, D'WARISAN, had just re-opened while we were there and is doing great.  WAN'S Coconut Shakes, the best shakes in town, moved into the same building and is piggy-backing on the buffet.

This was the first time that we were in Malaysia for Ramadan.  Many places just stayed closed for the month and the ones that were open, started serving closer to sunset.  Many tables were pre-reserved for the fasting Muslims so we pretty much avoided those places since we didn't want to eat so late. 

Carlsberg Special Brew 6%
All-in-all, our food choices have become more limited but Covid closures did force us to find new places to go dining.  

Hopefully we will get good full menu Indian and Thai places up in the future.

Ending of a Looking Good Dinner

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