Monday, June 30, 2014

3D Scanner

My first project for the printer was to print brackets to attach the plexiglass to for the enclosure.
Then I printed a spool holder so that the filament wouldn't bind and cause the printer to skip.

Somewhere along the way, during the snowy winter, the heel on one of Booker's boots shattered from the cold.  I had been telling her about all the potential a 3D printer has to fabricate broken now I had to prove myself.  I removed the broken heel and tried scanning the boot.  There was not enough light for a good picture so I took a picture of the remaining heel.

I then imported the picture into Sketchup, the 3D drafting program.  I took measurements and scaled the image to be exactly the same as the original.

I then outlined the perimeter and the 6 mounting holes, expanded it to 3D, and printed it.

And voilà, here is the finished product:
(printer in background)

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