Monday, June 30, 2014

The Universal USB Power Supply

There are so many devices nowadays that use 5 volt power from USB to charge or power.
On the boat I have an Ipod, Headlamp, GPS, Mifi (Wifi), and a USB Speaker adapter that all need USB power.
The nav station was looking like a rats nest so I decided to make a power supply box that would accept any voltage and output 5 volts on USB receptacles.

 I drew up my idea in Sketchup

Printed it out.  This photo is actually an earlier version where the cooling slots were longer.  Even though the printer didn't have trouble air printing almost an inch on the layer above the slot, I decided it would be cleaner to shorten the slots.

And here is the final product:
The box accepts any voltage between 1 and 40 volts and puts out 5 volts on the USB recepticals.

Now I need to mount it under the nav station, run power to it, and I can power or charge 4 devices without having to turn on the laptop.

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