Monday, June 30, 2014

Return to Australia

We arrived in Brisbane on May 5th.  It was raining which was a good thing because when I got the wipers confused with the turn signals on the rental car, nobody knew.

It was a good thing we brought our car GPS or we would have been totally lost and the left side driving thing.  The traffic does flow nicely here.  The philosophy seems to be the driver as much responsibility as possible.   There are heaps (an aussie term) of Yield signs and Roundabouts.  Of course that means fewer Stop Signs and Traffic Lights.  When you do get stuck at a light, they seem to be much longer than in the US.  I don't mind this because you end up stopping a fewer lights.  All the lights are controlled by motion sensors and other intelligent planning, so the lights won't change if no one is coming.

We are only allowed to stay on the boat a few days while it is on land so we got an apartment by the week.  This, along with the rental car has really made it nice.  Instead of being stuck in a boatyard, we have been able to get out and enjoy the area, food, and drinks.  Drink Driving, as Aussies call it, it being clamped down on.  The have a TV show like our Cops show called RBT (Random Breath Test).  In 2 months, we have been through 5 blockades and had to do 3 breathalyzers.  Good thing I had only 'a few'.  I'm having enough trouble with the left side road thing that I don't need to be more confused with alcohol.

The first apartment we were in was on Chevron Island.  Convenient but a little run down.  We stayed 3 weeks but they filled up and we couldn't extend so we found another place out on Surfer's Paradise that is definitely nicer.  I have been sewing new window screens and headliners which would have been much more difficult on the boat that on a big tile floor of the Flat.

Catamaran Row, Gold Coast City Marina

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