Saturday, November 29, 2014

Propspeed vs. Velox --- Test Results

No sooner than Tortuguita was out of the water, Marty from Bradford Marine was over to see the results of our antifouling experimental trial.

We were able to see how things were going during the season but didn't let anyone know prematurely how the two processes were holding up.

After the first month, I inspected the props and the Velox had failed but the Propspeed was holding up well.

Here are pictures of the props after 3 months:

Velox on Strut, Propspeed on the Prop
Where the strut was antifouled with Velox, it lost adhesion in places and some growth occured.

The propspeed picked up some growth but alot of it happened during the past 2 weeks in the berth.

The tips of the props had all the antifouling removed by swirling sand when we used the engines to get us unstuck in the Mary River and the Sandy Straits.  So all growth on the tips and an equivalent amount of growth elsewhere occurred since we arrived here at the marina.

Velox on both Strut and Prop
The Velox prop did not fare so well.  Most of the velox came off the prop and growth occurred on the bronze underneath.  However, there was no growth on the actual Velox itself, only where it came off.  It appears that it would be a good product if they could get it to stick to the metal.

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  1. Interesting results with the Propspeed vs Velox. We'd love to feature the Tortuguita on our website Let me know if you're ok with this -