Friday, February 18, 2022

My Sejahtera App

Everyone in Malaysia is required have or be covered by a COVID App for Tracing and Tracking.

Sejahtera means “Safe” and “Prosperous” in English.  The My Sejahtera App is a combination of two COVID Apps. 

Our Status while under Quarantine    
MyTrace Malaysia is a Bluetooth scanner that looks to be an outgrowth of the Open-Source Blue Trace project initially developed by Singapore.   




It anonymously tracks all other MyTrace enabled phones for distance and duration of contact.  It notifies you if you have come in contact with a COVID infected person.

Typical QR Poster at businesses    
The other App, My Sejahtera, is a QR scanner and logger.  All businesses have a QR poster at their entrance.  You scan the QR and it is logged to your phone.  The data is only kept on your phone but if you get COVID, the health officials will download the time specific log and use it for contact tracing.
Self Test Results to be uploaded    

You can also upload COVID test results and vaccinations using the app. 

Since almost everything is handled by the individual cellphone, no information is sent to a central server unless you end up with COVID.  In that case, the health department accesses the data and encrypted notifications are sent out to other My Sejahtera equipped phones.

The app  seems to be pretty good.  It works whether you have a data connection or not.  The only downside is that there may be a queue for Checking-in if you go to a busy place.

I know Americans that would freak out about having to use an app like this because of freedom or some such thing but they sure don't mind letting google track their every search.

These types of things save lives and we don't mind doing our part.


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