Wednesday, February 23, 2022

2 Year Covid Boat Storage

Shredded sunshade and broken timber
We were back in the US for almost 2 years during Covid, Tortuguita stayed in Malaysia, covered by sunshade exposed to the elements.

We had no idea what to expect when we returned.  

I had built a timber frame on the deck to hold the sunshade.  Would that still be intact?  Would the sunshade be torn to shreds?

Broken timbers at the bow
Would the sunshade be dragging on the ground and make it easier for rodents to infest the boat?

Would there be ants and termites that found there way onboard?

Would monkeys be living aboard?

Worst of all, was rain leaking inside that would allow mold to grow all over?

Well, after 2 years, it really wasn't so bad.  Considering....

Green slime everywhere

Yes, the sunshade was shredded in places but not dragging on the ground.

The timbers had rotted or cracked from the high winds but the loose pieces did not cause any chaffing damage.

There were no insects nor rodents living onboard.

There were a few minor leaks but no mold.

Safe in the garage?
The dinghy had been chewed by some boatyard dog but it still held air.

The only mold was on the decks and was the green slime type that grows everywhere in Malaysia.  A little Clorox and pressure washing takes care of it.

The Volvo was parked under the boat well protected.  The tires were kind of flat and the cover was dry rotted but it could have been worse.

A real Rats Nest
Then again, it was worse as we began poking around.  Rats had been living in the car.  Don't know how they got in or how long they were there but it was not a pretty sight or smell.

If something had to be trashed, it might as well have been the car.  It doesn't owe us anything and I would much rather have a two thousand dollar car destroyed instead of a quarter million dollar yacht.

A worthwhile trade.

Wire Insulation must taste good

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