Saturday, February 19, 2022

The Island Tour


Monkeys in our hotel Pool
Langkawi is a group of 99 islands, 30 miles offshore in the Malacca Strait near the border of Thailand.

Creative use of towels    
We will end up here with Tortuguita on our way North but the Bubble was a good way to check it out in advance.

We spent the first few days recovering from the flights and doing administrative things like getting a SIM card and shopping. 

We had the full run of the island with no restrictions.  This was much different than any other quarantine or COVID lockdown that we have experienced before.

Taking a break
Great idea




Thailand in the distance










Excellent Thai Restaurant at the Hotel
We met up with quite a few other cruisers who were doing the same Bubble.  Some we knew, some we didn’t.  Almost all were heading to Pangkor Marina Island like we were.  We would all meet up for Happy Hours and Dinner at one of the Hotel Restaurants.





Inside the 'Lucky Temple'
After a few days, we hired a driver for the day and did a circumnavigation of the island.  The drive without stops would take about 4 hours.


Our first stop was the “Lucky Temple” because, why not?  Luck is good, right?

There was an interesting carving in the marble hillside, the Goddess of Mercy”


The Goddess of Mercy

We will be anchoring here










SkyCab with Telaga Harbor
Next was Tanjung Roo.  It is a quite beautiful beach area adjoining a mangrove area that tours visit.  There is an anchorage called "Hole in the Wall" that we will definitely be staying in.

Our next stop was the SkyCab Cable Car and Skybridge.  SkyCab is the steepest and  longest free span single cable ride in the world at 42 degrees and 950 meters respectively. 

From the SkyCab hill,we saw Rebak Marina Island, and Telaga Harbour Marina.  You have to take a ferry to get to Rebak but not so with Telaga.  So, we had the driver take us there for a look around.

Royal Langkawi, Rebak,and Telaga are the 3 yacht marinas on the Langkawi.

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