Monday, March 25, 2013

Day Eight - Wind, Waves, and Exercise

12 37.9 N 116 31.6 W

The wind is back with a vengeance and so are the waves. The waves are really not nice and even rolling things. They are more like 6 ft hills, thousands of them. When we have wind, the boat slices through them and it is quite comfortable. When the winds go away, they forget to tell the waves, and now we don't slice through anything, they bounce us randomly around. You end up using every muscle in your body just to sit still. I am sore from just sitting. This could be the next workout craze. Booker brought a yoga book to work out on this passage. I don't think we need it.

1847 Miles to go to the Marquesas.

Cheers, Bave and Booker

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