Friday, March 15, 2013


Hi All,
We were heading down highway 109 under spinnaker doing 4 kts in 8 kts of wind, which is not much and then the winds started to get lighter. Then nothing. We downloaded the winds and sure enough, they changed the forecast which now showed 5 days of calm. So we were drifting to the southwest with no sails up, using up water and supplies, and nowhere to motor to to find good wind even if we had extra fuel. If this happened at the equator, we would drift and deal with it. But seeing as we were 40 miles from Cabo San Lucas, we fired up the engines and 8 hours later we were anchored. Here we will wait until Sunday, go get diesel and water, and head down Highway 110.5. In the meantime, we are fixing noises and watching stingrays jumping out of the water. Cheers, Dave and Booker

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