Friday, March 22, 2013

Day Five - Slow Going

We have had light wind last two night and yesterday. It looks light until Sunday night. Then we will be far enough south for the tradewinds to kick in and they should be around 15. I hope.
The boat is doing well. Boat speed is usually 50% of wind speed.

The AIS is an excellent thing. We have crossed all the Panama Canal shipping lanes and now there is nobody to ping. We can still see them 200 miles behind us with it. Watch standing is now every 2 hours, pop your head out to see if anything is going on, and go back to sleep. We saw nothing today all day. Just a few birds, sky, and ocean.

Ran the little Honda generator. Works great. Charged batteries and made water for 3 hours. Real quiet when lightly loaded but sounds like a lawnmower when pulling 90 amps out of it. Still quieter than the Westerbeke.
Will let you know when we get some wind.

Cheers, Dave and Booker

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