Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day Six - Passed by a Sea Turtle 15 20N 113 36 W

We have had no wind for 2 days. It has been nice for sleeping but it's really not getting us to our goal very fast.
If we were within striking range of a marina, the engines would have been on and we would have been moving. Instead, we still have 2080 miles to go and 600 miles of doldrums to cross. Then once we get to French Polynesia, fuel is not so easy to come by.

Yesterday we were passed by a sea turtle. We were doing about a knot and saw him floating in the distance. We turned to head/drift in his direction. When he saw us, he started swimming. But, he was swimming the same direction as we were, and beating us. Can't really blame him since he probably thought we were sitting still. The water was so clear that we saw his whole escape. Then he figured out that we got farther away if he turned, and off he went behind us.

That was the excitement for the day except the Boobie Birds that keep trying to hitch a ride and use the boat as a bathroom.

At 1AM last night, the wind picked up, so hope it continues.
Cheers, Dave and Booker

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