Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day Two - The run to Socorro

We did't plan either way to come here. If the winds were favorable, we would go. They were, and we did.
We didn't have much wind last night and it was noisy but had a fast run today under spinnaker all day. We saw the island about 30 miles out. It was in a hazy, foggy, horizon. Kind of reminded me of the island in Jurasic Park.
The afternoon winds picked up and we were doing a sustained 9 knots.
When we stopped to douse the spinnaker, there were 2 whales about 30 ft in front of us. As soon as the chute came down, we stopped, and the whales just kept swimming by. There were other whales flapping, blowing, and breaching right in our backyard.
We were inspected by the Mexican Navy and will be leaving in the morning after a FULL night's rest. Cheers, Dave and Booker

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